Next Stop is Nordic Open!

My next stop is Nordic Open in Copenhagen from 24th to 28th.

I always feel good sportsmanship and respect towards backgammon in this tournament. You know I play MANY tournaments around the world. Some tournament I only see people care for money or win and not backgammon itself. In Nordic, many people care about the game itself. They record the game, they discuss the position, they blame their mistakes not the dice roll nor opponent.

Also the level of the field is sky high. I think it is the most difficult tournament to win in this size of the tournament (around 100 players). For example,  just take a look at the winners list here. Isn’t it intimidating? Their average PR look like 4.X! All the superstars are shown. I have never won it (though I won consolation once) and it would be as honorable as winning in world championship for me.

So…I’m looking forward to meeting you guys!